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Welcome, new candidates of 2020 and future graduates of 2021!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Dear students,

On this 14 September 2020, a new academic year started with great expectations.

From the new Bachelor candidates to the last-year Master students, that makes you a group of around 4'500 students, and many professors to take care of you.

This is a very special year for some of our Masters. Both the Master in Business Engineering and The Master in Management Science have been reformed to propose a new structure.

These masters have never been so close and so special at the same time. Close because they are part of the Solvay community and respect a number of high standards. Special because they offer two unique visions of what management should be, with a different focus in terms of disciplines.

This is also a special year because we start in a sanitary context that requires us to obey to certain conditions and makes us imagine different scenarios depending on the type of course. We are well aware of that and that is why we are all committed to make the utmost to still bring you an excellent experience.

During this welcome week, your professors of Q1 will be exchanging with you on the conditions for their course, their outline and how to take the best for your own evolution.

We celebrate this reform with the creation of The Solvay Times, an initiative to reinforce the information and communication within the community and offer a "window-to-the-world" to the great accomplishments made by our candidates, our professors and our alumni.

The Solvay Times

This new initiative is brought to you by a group of professors, students and alumni and we will keep enlarging it to more contributors from these three audiences.

As mentioned, it bears two purposes:

  1. Bring the Solvay "production" to the rest of the World. There are so many good works, cases, pitches, master thesis, events, activities organised by student clubs, research with impact on society... let's show it!

  2. Create an informal exchange mechanism with our students, beyond the formal administrative communication. The Covid19 crisis has highlighted a key element: whilst we have worked hard to mitigate its impact on your curriculum and "solve issues", still the University is about exchanging with others, debating, a nutshell, cultivate our human side. We wish this initiative to represent a small contribution to that component of the University life.

There is also a side objective.

We all know that we receive a continuum of information, news and requirements, by email,...but also through your facebook groups, etc... This is even more novel for those of you who discover the ULB, its systems, procedures and members of personnel. We will therefore invite your to a special section called "THE WALL" where we will provide you with an "online cheatsheet" created by Prof. H. Pirotte for the various masters to make sure newly arriving students could get rapidly familiar with the various matters. We will try to keep a very synthetic picture of the useful links and key deadlines you shouldn't miss for the various components of the programme: courses, seminars, international exchange and the thesis.

During the next days and weeks, we will keep exchanging with you about your programme, the conditions linked to your curriculum and posting elements to be shared with you.

Again, welcome to this new academic year 2020-2021!

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