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The Master in Management Science: the international management programme at the heart of Europe!

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

With this in mind, we started the reform of the master in management science at Solvay. Based on student experiences and inspiring ideas, we started up a diverse working group to think about what skills and knowledge would make our management science students stronger for an international job market. Acquiring more skills, an international experience, in-depth management knowledge and some practical experience were pointed out as key ingredients for a successful master in management science. Based on these ingredients, the working group started the reform. On top, a clear offer, compared to other Solvay master programmes, as well as streamlining the rules and the overall structure of the master programmes was necessary to strengthen the Solvay portfolio.

The new Master in Management is delivering multiple components for a successful start of an international career path. It is offering an international experience through an exchange or an internship in an international context. On top, it offers to all students a first practical experience through an internship or a field project, which is a group project guided by practitioners in a real company context. Based on academic and practical knowledge, the program also offers advanced management courses, including strategy and leadership courses. And after half a year of studying, students can choose among three international specialization track:

  1. cross-border entrepreneurship,

  2. managing global businesses, or

  3. management people and organizations.

This offers the possibility for students to gain in-depth knowledge in one of the specializations, creating some extra assets on the job market. In the second year, students can select two skills that they would like to develop further among skills like negotiation, coaching or diverse languages. This should enable our students to work on their ‘soft skills’, which are nowadays important assets in the labour market.


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