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Solvay Finance Tour goes digital!

Are you ready for 6 (free) finance workshops and to win 1'000 EUR in finance books?

Meeting with KNEIP-Founder and CEO, Bob Kneip himself

An iconic tour

When launching the first edition in 2018 to Luxembourg, we did not expect to have our private bus, expansion to Paris, government support or giving away prizes in the four years that ensued. It is 2021, and Luxembourg Solvay Alumni is proud to say we are here for our fellows, now, and when the masks come off!

Students joint the Lombard Assurance International board

Solvay students, take your seat in the Board Room

One can pride itself that our academic training in finance can rival with the best ranked business schools, and in reverence to such repute, over the past four years, we sought to select the best finance students from Solvay to meet with founders and top-executives in an exclusive set of in-company visits.

Banque de Luxembourg - 4 Solvay Alumni presenting their carreer paths

Alumni are already here for you!

We don't sit by the sidelines until you graduate, we reach out to you, take you out the classrooms and to the most reputed financial institutions, treasuries and consultants for a truly immersive experience - an insider's look and opportunity to speak with Solvay Alumni directly!

The 2019 edition's feminine talents

Thanks to boys, but not for boys only!

We want to see the brightest minds shine, and look at that, the firms beg us to partake in the next edition as they crave to meet talented students again. You have Alexandre Burtonboy and Ganaël Plumier to thank - without the Student Finance Club this tour would have have seen the light of day.

Arendt & Medernach Consultant & Alumnus Niels Ozeree welcoming the Finance Tour

Ready to boost your Rock-star Equation?

We let you get a real taste of what keeps the finance professionals busy, show you what real hard skills you need to build the successful career, make you meet the current and future leaders and let the Alumni teach you which soft skills you need to sharpen. Is that all? No, we make you join the largest business school network the country has to offer!

Students joining the Paperjam 10x6 Networking event on Entrepreneurship
"I can tell you one thing, I'm exhausted, but I will never ever forget this trip to Luxembourg!" Nicolas, Solvay Master-student, 2018 Finance Tour

Ready to take home 1'000 EUR worth of Finance Books?

We have 6 free workshops waiting for you!

Solvay Alumni has specifically crafted 6 workshops for you, with finance professionals from UBS to the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, from commodities investing to private equity. 6 Professionals which will dedicate time from their busy schedule, for Solvay students only, helping you to make your career choices, understand what drives the industry, captivate the leaders today, and more ..

After each session, you will have answer 10 multiple-choice questions, providing you with a chance to win the big ticket, a selection of finance books worth 1'000 EUR! Not only do you get an attendance certificate, it will grant you the opportunity to ask questions and test your knowledge with direct feedback from the participating firms.

They did it, What are you waiting for to join?

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