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Solvay alumni imagine the future of digital healthcare

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

By Kevin MISSAULT (Solvay alumnus 2021)

The pandemic has significantly increased the digital transformation of public and private organizations.

“According to a McKinsey survey, organizations accelerated the digitization of their customer and supply chain services and their internal operations by three to four years.” McKinsey

More than ever, the crisis reinforced the need of a digital medicine for both families and healthcare professionals. Digital health solutions have the potential to increase prevention and the quality of diagnoses, improve patient care and decrease public costs.

“Digital technology has the potential to capture huge value in healthcare systems around the world, with the benefit of improving care while also driving down its cost. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates the costs saved could lie anywhere between $1.5 trillion and $3 trillion a year by 2030, thanks to a range of interventions such as remote monitoring, artificial intelligence, and automation.” McKinsey

The picture below shows the products and tools, data and services that can be used to address the patient journey. During years, pacemakers have been used by clinicians to monitor patient’s heart. Today, those devices are fully integrated to a mobile application allowing the monitoring of battery life, symptoms, physical activities, and many other parameters that meet patient’s needs. The application also gives you access to relevant information to your disease, all in your pocket and easy access with your smartphone. Gabi SmartCare is a recent Belgian example of an innovative product to monitor pediatric health activities.

“A McKinsey survey of 35 medtech executives from global companies—conducted before the pandemic—suggested they were aiming high: digital health solutions represented, on average, 10 percent of their companies’ revenue at the time of the survey, but they expected that figure to reach up to 50 percent within five years.”


Gabi: tracking pediatric health activities

Gabi has been founded by two Solvay alumni, Jonathan Baut (Executive Master in Management, 2010) and Edouard Carton (Engineering, 2011). The Belgian medtech company is dedicated to transform pediatric health care by providing professionals and families a digital solution with personalized data including monitoring, diagnosis, and prevention.

“We believe that children should not stay in hospitals if they can be properly monitored and cared for at home.” Gabi.

Gabi has raised three millions of euro to Analis, Wing and Noshaq. The medtech has interesting international partnerships with a component of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, and the Children’s National Hospital. In Belgium, the partners are the university hospital des enfants Reine Fabiola and the CHU of Charleroi, in which the product is currently tested.

With this amount of money, this start-up wants to achieve exciting objectives: the medical certification of their product in U.S. and Europe and the commercialization in late 2022 or early 2023.

Rosa: digital planning

Would you imagine having the possibility to quickly take an appointment to a medical healthcare professional whenever you have the time to do it, 24/7 ? No need to worry and wait minutes on the phone call to schedule an appointment with your clinician. This is what Rosa proposes to professional health care and families.

Rosa has been created by Sébastien Deletaille, a Solvay alumnus (Engineering, 2007). This non-profit organization wants to decrease time spent on the phone to make an appointment, increase communication flow with patients, reduce the number of no-shows for doctors, and give access to an online calendar managed by Rosa.

“While there is a real opportunity for medtech companies to drive new sources of growth and improve patient care through digital solutions, they have a lot of ground to cover.” McKinsey

Such as Rosa or Gabi, first movers will probably be the ones that will shape the new market of digital healthcare.

Do you know other start-ups involved in the digitalization of healthcare ? Share the name in the comments!

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