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Pimp my bike by a Solvay Alumnus

By Kevin MISSAULT (Solvay alumnus 2021)

You have a very old bike from your uncle or your grandfather that has been sleeping in your garage for years? You don’t know what to do with this bike? Or you have a bike whose style you don’t like anymore?

"On se lancerait pas dans la résurrection de vieux cadres de vélos légendaires ? Genre on accompagnerait le client dans son projet de restauration, qu'il ait un vélo unique, personnalisé à son style et remis à neuf complètement ? Chaud ! Je te remets une petite Delta IPA du coup." Guillaume & Thomas, founders of Pimp My Bike

In a new era where green mobility and economic sustainability is becoming two central pillars of any organization, Thomas Reynders and Guillaume Grégoire (Solvay student, MSG 2021-2022) founded Pimp My Bike in 2021.

The company’s vision is to create a more circular, local and socially engaged way of using bikes. The two founders propose a new life to your bicycle frame. Through a complete and personalized approach, they will customize and “pimp” your bike to give it a fresh haircut. Your new bike will be unique and closer to your personality.

If you want to know more, just look at their website and reach them on social media. We wish them a successful start in this social and eco-responsible commitment!


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