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Case challenge with Rothschild & Co

A wonderful experience brought by the Student Finance Club (see here below) and an alumni of our business school, Marco Rainaldi, head of investment advisory at Rothschild & Co (Wealth Management).

8 groups, 40 students, a team from Rothschild (with Charles Woringer, also a Solvay alumni, and Jean Wilmet), a case (Colruyt Group) and 5 hours to analyse the firm and some analysts reports, and produce a pitch on the valuation of a food group in the context of the online grocery store challenge. And 5 minutes to convince the jury.

It was wonderful to witness the motivation of students, since no particular academic reward was attached to the challenge; just a great opportunity to verify the application of financial valuation techniques and cash flow expectations to a practical case with the coaching of a professional team.

Congratulations to all participants for their dedication!

My best acknowledgments to the organising team: Tristan Besson, Alexandre Burtonboy, Florian Christiaens, Nicolas Christiaens, Louis Delaby, and Ganaël Plumier.

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