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As you have certainly seen in the press these last days, our new government has been constituted, but what you might not know is that it counts no less than 3 Solvay Alumni! 😉

We are proud to congratulate Alexander De Croo as Prime Minister of Belgium on behalf of all Solvay Alumni. He is one of our Alumni, graduated as ‘Solvay Handelsingenieur’ in 1998, and has always shown commitment to our association and our school. We thank him again for having been guest-speaker at our GA in 2019 and keynote speaker at the VUB Graduation Ceremony in December 2019.

We would also like to congratulate Eva De Bleeker (Handelsingenieur 1999) and Thomas Dermine (Ingénieur de gestion 2009), respectively as State Secretary for the Budget and State Secretary for Recovery and Scientific Policy, in charge of the National Strategic Investment Plan.

We wish them lots of success with this great challenge!


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